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Fred,I have to say that your videos are some of the best videos I’ve ever seen for getting kids interested and excited about these occupations. We use the DVD’s in in our house as a reward system at home for good behavior. We recently flew for the 1st time with our son Ben who is 4yrs old and he did the whole thing like an absolute pro! In no small part to “Cleared for Takeoff” I have no doubt. ORD to LGA to BOS and back from BOS to STL he was so excited to share his ‘knowledge’ with us as we went through the terminals! As a part-time firefighter in Lansing IL I also appreciate the way you portrayed the fire service. It was very honorably done.

Thanks for your great work! Dan Bruinsma

Our 17-month-old son is not generally a TV watcher, but he is wild about “Where the Garbage Goes”.. The disk is at his grandparent’s house, and everytime we visit, the first thing he does is holler “Watch Ga-Ga!”, then goes and plunks himself down to patiently wait while someone starts the movie. Our son watched “Ga-Ga” again just today when we visited his grandparents. Lately, he’s also been saying “Hi, George!”, “Bye, George!” and “Okay, George!”. He’s even picked up the words “recycling”, “compost” and “compactor” (all spoken in his 17-month-old dialect). And we agree about the fun music. One final interesting note: it took me a good week to figure out what our son meant when he kept saying “Ga-Ga, Ba-doo-ba-doo.” He was repeating the music played during the car crushing scene in Where the Garbage Goes. Now we can sing along, even when our own garbage collectors make their weekly rounds. As a parent, I think it’s a terrific educational program – interesting, well-produced and not too long. We’re not into lots of TV for the kids, but we don’t mind that our child enjoys your DVD so much. Thanks for the good work and keep it up!

Jeff Whelan, DeKalb,IL

My son, has loved, loved, loved every one of your fun, true to life, but not scary videos! He received his first one (Road Construction) as a Christmas gift when he was 6 yrs. old or so. He had acquired Cleared for Take-Off, Fire & Rescue, House Construction & probably some others along the way. I have watched with him, & from a parent’s point of view, I thought they were excellent & very, very well done. Thank you for quality childrens videos.

NOTE: We loved the fact that you included your family as well.

– a big fan

Dear Fred:

We are HUGE fans of your videos! Our toddler loves them. We’ve watched almost all the construction/truck/rescue videos out there. As you know, I’m sure, your videos really stand out — they are far more educational and entertaining than all the others.

Currently Caden is in a “road construction” phase. Fortunately, we find them just as entertaining and interesting as he does.

My almost-three-year-old son has been completely infatuated with “heavy machinery” for about 6 months now. We will stop by any place that is doing any type of farming or construction just to see these machines operate. My mother gave our son your “Big Machines One” DVD for Easter and it is the first thing that he asks for when he wakes in the morning and the last thing he wants to see at night. The length of the video is just perfect and very educational. Even I have learned so much in the 200 times that I have been forced to watch it with him! It is interesting in nature and I wanted to let you know that the gentlemen in the video are so exceptionally personable, that Jeremy waves to each man that waves first to him and recites most of the narrative verbatim! I love how the narrator explains each new subject clearly and simply but with a strong knowledge of how each subject is covered. Thank you for putting this DVD together so tastefully!

Heidi T

Dear Mr. Levine:
My two year old son recently saw your Farm Country Ahead video. It has since become the most watched video in our house. He has watched it twice daily for the past three weeks. He can’t get enough of it. My husband and I, as well as our 9 year old daughter, have also found it to be enlightening, fun, and wonderfully made. Thank you so much for this. We look forward to the rest of the series. Beautiful, thoughtful work.

Hi, I just wanted to say a big thank you. I have just received my parcel from Little Hardhats and I know my boys will be thrilled at christmas. I admit I was dubious ordering online internationally, however I couldn’t have been more happy with the service, products and delivery time. Job well done – I won’t hesitate ordering again. Thank you.

Nicole Enright, Bellmere Qld Australia

I worked for the local fire department as a Code Enforcement Officer for twenty-years, I am now a fourth grade school teacher. Fire & Rescue is the most kid friendly video on fire fighting I have ever seen. I have used Fire & Rescue for Fire Saftey Month for the past 14 years.

J. Ramirez, Oxnard, CA

Just a quick note to let you know that our Son, Matthew, who probably wore out three copies of “Cleared for Takeoff”, now has his private pilot’s license and is currently a freshman at the University of North Dakota’s School of Aerospace Sciences pursuing his dream of becoming the next Captain Herb. We still have all of the videos. Kindest regards

Paul Ipolito, Rochester, NY

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